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TURBO COULTER - The turbo design allows the blade flute to attack the residue vertically, providing improved cutting, penetration, and decreased hairpinning.
EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE-FREE BEARINGS - Great Plains uses the exclusive PEER® TILLXTREME® maintenance-free pillow-block bearings in its gangs, as well as smaller TILLXTREME maintenance-free bearings in its rolling attachments.
HYDRAULIC WEIGHT TRANSFER - Transfer valve adjusts weight from center to wings, providing even, constant down pressure to the full width.

More about the Turbo-Till

The Series II Turbo-Till® builds on the solid reputation of the original Turbo-Till as
the most versatile vertical tillage tool available. Its two ranks of our exclusive Turbo Coulters chop aggressively through residue without hairpinning. Turbo-Till effectively manages residue and reduces compaction in a wide range of conditions, providing a consistent well-prepared seedbed for planting.

Improvements to the Series II include 76 mm C-shank standards and heavy-duty rub- ber mounted gang bearings as standard equipment. New 3,7 m, 4,6 m 5,5 m and 7,3 m working widths have been added to the 9,1 m and 12,2 m models to better fit available horsepower. Current uses include warming and drying cool wet soils, incor- porating animal waste, and preparing a consistent, well-prepared seedbed for plant- ing. TurboTill is also an excellent fall tool to size and incorporate residue to promote the decaying process.

MODEL INFO Turbo-Till: Shallow vertical tillage
MODELS 1200TT 1500TT 1800TT 2400TT 3000TT 4000TT
COULTER SPACING 127 mm (2 offset gangs at 254 mm spacing per gang)
TRANSPORT TYRES 11Lx15F-ply (4) 11Lx15F-ply (4) 380/55R 16,5 (2) 11Lx15F-ply (4) 12,5x15F-ply (4) 380/55R 16,5 (4)
WEIGHT* 4 536 kg 5 534 kg 6 532 kg 8 437 kg 9 525 kg 11 703 kg
kW REQ Between 8 – 10 kW per ft / 24 – 30 kW per meter
TILLAGE WIDTH 3,66 m 4,57 m 5,49 m 7,32 m 9,14 m 12,19 m
WIDTH (transport) 3,75 m 4,75 m 3,75 m 4,75 m 4,75 m 5,36 m
HEIGHT (transport) N/A N/A 2,71 m 3,14 m 4,15 m 4,36 m
* Approximate maximum weight with attachments
Turbo Till Series II: 1200TT, 1500TT, 1800TT, 2400TT, 3000TT & 4000TT
Standard Manuals
Operator: English: 586-201m.pdf
Parts: English: 586-201p.pdf
Pre-Delivery: English: 586-201q.pdf