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ROLLING SPIKE HARROW – Loosens, levels, and breaks up clods. This attachment puts the “finishing touch” on the perfect seed- bed.

CHOPPER BLADES – The angled chopper blades run perpendicular to the Turbo Blades ensuring complete and thorough chopping of the residue and a profile that is level and uniform to the depth of the front coulters.

CHOPPER GANGS – Both the Turbo gang and the chopper gang are suspended by 25 mm x 76 mm C-shanks and both gangs use the heavy-duty 211 rubber-cushioned bearing in cast housing to provide reliable service.

More about the Turbo-Chopper

The Turbo-Chopper® from Great Plains combines the aggressive Turbo Blades with the action of a turbo-patterned chopper reel. This allows for a “criss-cross” pattern for chopping residue and working the soil while still maintaining the benefits of vertical tillage.

The “crisscross” pattern of this unit allows for the loosening and removal of root balls.

The chopper reels work perpendicular to the Turbo Coulters, providing a smooth seedbed. Our patented rolling harrow and reel combination is the recommended rear attachment for the ultimate seedbed for your planter.

MODEL INFO Turbo-Chopper: Vertical tillage
MODELS 1200TT 1500TT 1800TT 2400TT 3000TT 4000TT
TYRES 11Lx15F-ply (4) 11Lx15F-ply (4) 380/55R 16,5 (2) 11Lx15F-ply (4) 12,5x15F-ply (4) 380/55R 16,5 (4)
WEIGHT (APPROX) 4 500 kg 5 500 kg 6 500 kg 8 500 kg 9 500kg 11 500 kg
KW REQ 8 – 10kW per ft /
28 – 30 kW per meter
TILLAGE WIDTH 3,65 m 4,57 m 5,48 m 7,3 m 9,1 m 12,2 m
WIDTH (transport) 3,7 m 4,7 m 3,7 m 4,7 m 4,7 m 5,3 m
HEIGHT (transport) N/A N/A 2,67 m 3,12 m 4,1 m 4,35 m
Centre section 3,65 m 4,57 m 2,44 m 3m 3m 3,65 m
1st wing section N/A N/A 1,5 m 2m 3m 3m
2nd wing section N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1,22 m
* Approximate maximum weight with attachments