NWX 660 bale Wrapper

“Setting the pace through innovation.”

Xtractor push-off system allows for quick and hassle-free push off of the last bale.

Remote steering starts, stops and steers the bale wrapper without leaving the tractor.

V-shaped floor to accommodate round bales.

More about the Anderson NWX660 inline bale wrapper

The Anderson NWX660 is a simple and completely automatic bale wrapping system. The adjustable hydraulic bale compaction system in combination with its world class aluminium stretchers wraps bales perfectly air tight every time.

With the automatic pilot system, the wrapper steers itself precisely by following the adjacent bale row, maximizing up to 20% of the area needed to store your bales. It is no longer necessary to steer the wrapper manually with the remote control.

Keep track of your progress with the electronic bale counter which keeps track of the number of bales wrapped per day and per year.

Bale wrapper model NWX660
Bale format Round bale only
Round bale length 1,2 or 1,5 m
Round bale diameter 1,2 to 1,65 m
Square bale dimensions N/A
Aluminium stretchers 2 x 750 mm
Engine 9,69 kW Honda engine
Xtractor push-off system Standard
Total width 2,84 m
Transport width 2,56 m
Height 2,87 m
Total length 5,64 m
Transport length 5,12 m
Weight 2 300 kg
Weight on tow-bar 440 kg
Rear tyres 11L-15
Traction tyres 29 x 12 5.15
Adjustable hydraulic compaction system Standard
Self-propelled power drive Standard
Simple mechanical automatic system Standard
Bed shape V-shaped for round bales
Hydraulic tailgate Standard
Auto-locking wheels in neutral position Standard
Bale guide rollers Standard
Levelling system Hydraulic jack
Road lights for truck towing Standard
Hoop configuration Rigid hoop