Inter-Row Cultivator

“Setting the pace through innovation.”

Row unit depth control wheel
Narrow transport width

Heavy duty hanger point

More about Legend Inter-Row Cultivator

Inter-row hoeing is an environmentally friendly way of destroying weeds between the rows of crops without damaging the plants and ensuring that the plants get their fair share of nutrients and water from the soil.

The Legend Inter-Row Cultivator is a sturdy, well- designed implement for this job. Row units are bolted to the strong main beam, thus making it easy to adjust row spaces by simply sliding the units on the main beam.

Every unit rides on a parallelogram hinged with main- tenance free steel/vesconite bushes to maintain the same angle of attack on the soil.

The working depth is adjusted with depth control wheels, and the high mounted, spring loaded S-tines improve material flow and ground clearance.

The Legend Inter-Row Cultivator can also be equipped with an optional fertilizer application kit.

The wings of the wider models fold upwards hydraulically to effect a narrow transport width.

MODEL Rows Beam length Row spacing Full carts Half carts Hydraulics
S4606 3 4,6 m 1,52 m 6 0 No
S7510 3 7,5 m 2,3 m 8 2 Yes
S4005-30 4 4,0 m 76 cm 0 5 No
S4005 4 4,0 m 91 cm 3 2 No
S4607 6 4,6 m 76 cm 0 7 No
S6107 6 6,1 m 91 cm 5 2 No
S6109 8 6,1 m 76 cm 0 9 No
S7509H 8 7,5 m 91 cm 7 2 Yes
S9513H 12 9,5 m 76 cm 0 13 Yes
S1113H 12 11 m 91 cm 11 2 Yes