Gravitation Wagon 15 tons

“Setting the pace through innovation.”

Reinforced spindles – Heavy-duty 7,6 cm diameter sleeved spindles provide maxi- mum strength and durability.
Cushion tongue – The GW15t-1 gravity wagon features a “cushion” tongue that activates the braking process.

Dual spring lift – Dual springs at the rear of the tongue help lift the tongue for easy hook-up.

More about Gravitation Wagon 15 tons

Since 1960, J&M has built durable gravity wagons to handle the worst conditions with ease. The heavy duty tank construc- tion features steep slopes, corner valley slats and a sump design, providing fast and easy clean-out, even with high moisture grains.

The front wheels feature an automotive tow setting for true tracking. Offset runners allow you to make the tightest turns with ease.

A pull-through extended rear hitch eliminates stress on the rear axle during tandem towing.

Reinforced sleeved spindles provide maximum strength and durability, allowing you to carry more and travel faster in the harshest conditions without failure, while the cushion tongue smoothly activates the two or four wheel hydraulic drum brakes.

The new style rocking bolster increases stability, yet provides flexibility in rough terrain.

Capacity box 14,7 tons
Door width 121,9 cm
Chute height 35,5 cm to 48,2 cm
Hopper construction 12 GA steel
Understructure 7,6 cm x 15,2 tubing
Tail lights Standard
Front ladder Standard
Center dump deflector Optional
Spindles 7,6 cm diameter
Wheels 22.5 or 16.5-22.5
Tyres 15-22.5 or 16.5-22.5
Weight 2 381 kg